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Issue 36  e best thing to come out of Surbiton Richard gets the hump in car parksince the A3Surbiton drama therapist Richard Williams brie y thought he was in Las Vegas when the car park payment machine  red out 85 coins in change.“This machine does not accept £5 notes, it said,” recounted the 36-year-old from Maple Road.“So I put in a tenner, and it began pumping out 10p pieces. They were  ying out from all sides – they weren’t just coming from one place.”He completely  lled all his pockets and had to walk lop-sidedly back to his car in The Bittoms car park,Kingston, juggling car keys, ticket and currency.“I wrote to the council because it was ridiculous,” said Richard, but all I got was a reply saying ‘Thank you for your message’! It gaveme the right hump!”September 2017MP reveals uncertaintyGoingIParade and stallsThe 2017 Surbiton Festival lasts for a weekand culminates in a parade and street stalls in Victoria Road on Saturday September 30, when traf c is banished from the main shopping areaof town from 10am-5pm. Other events include a sailing day, teddy bears’ picnic and comedy nights. Visit and turn to p5, going, goneBeware!Surbiton’s retailers, with a shoal of established businesses closing.A er a century selling papers, the shutters fell on the station newsagent (le ), trading  rst as W Glass (inset), then R Glass, then Taylor News. e town’s greatly valued hardware store in Brighton Road has gone too.  en the  orist next to Waitrose –a shop which has sold blooms since the early 1970s – wilted and died. e town’s oldest travel agent, in St James’ Road, is on a permanent holiday.One of Surbiton’s most dependable curry houses, the Guru Express delivery service in Brighton Road, hastransported its last chicken tikka masala, while the pasty shop in the station forecourt has closed a er nine months,l Two very special octogenarians... The one on the left is a 1937 Leyland Metz which helped Surbiton  re ghter Simon Jakeman win silver at Hampton Court (full story p3). The one on the right is a well- maintained 1929 vintage model who won gold, in Oscar shape, and brought it along to Tolworth to let admirers lift it (full story on p11)What chaos?t’s been a turbulent summer forbecause it couldn’t make a living at one of the busiest train stops in the capital. So what is going on? See p2A word meant to deter visitors, and to imply that the greeting you’ll receive is a set of canine fangs sunk into your rear end.l For the full picture, see p5l Surbiton station’s predicted bedlam didn’t happen during the Waterloo upgrade. Crowd control sta  outnumbered passengers as many worked from home or took time o .  is was the barrier at the 6pm ‘peak’ on the  rst day! See p2Ed Davey was unsureif he’d be returned as Surbiton’s MP right up to polling day.“It was the only time I became con dent we’d win,” he admitted, looking back at the election which suddenly ended James Berry’s spell as the town’s representative.Yet, despite being one of the Liberal Democrats’ most experienced MPs, he decided not to throwhis hat into the ring when leader Tim Farron quit.In his  rst full interview since the dramaticpoll that left TheresaMay without an overall majority, Ed chats about his successful election tactics, why he optednot to  ght Vince Cable to lead the party, the surprise issue at thetop of his agenda... and how he’s on the brink of moving home. See p9

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