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Issue 34 e best thing to come out of Surbiton since the A3May 2017Save Tolworth’s towerTell anyone that you’re going to the apple store, and they’ll think you’re buying an iPad, but the real apple store is an extraordinary building on the Ewell edge of Tolworth, and it’s under threat.Campaigner and ecologist Alison Fure has launched a petition to force the issue of preserving the neglected publicly owned 1856 three-storey Gothic-style brick barn on to the council’s agenda.She says it has potential as a community asset and is a signi cant part of the area’s agricultural story.The tower, with pagoda roof, stored locally grown heritage varieties such as Mitchelson’s seedling and Colonel Yate; types Alison hopes to reintroduce to borough schools and orchards.If it gets to 500 signatures, the council is compelled to address the issue in the debating chamber. Sign electronically via www.tinyurl.com/l9nhtxcSpring is here, spring is here! Life is skittles, life is beer. I think the loveliest time of the year is the spring, I do, don’t you? Course you do! Tom Lehrer was singing in the early 60s, but blossom time is as uplifting today. From left: The Ridge, Berrylands; Ashcombe Avenue, Southborough; Ef ngham Road wisteria; and Balaclava Road magnoliaThe model boy racersTwo Surbiton engineering students are o  to Malaysia to race against the rest ofthe world in the  nals of a Formula 1 model car contest.Roommates Josh Scho eld and Matthew Watkins of King Charles Road are part of a six-strong Kingston College apprentice team vying for glory in Kuala Lumpur in the world’s largest science and technology competition.It’s a big feather in the cap of the college as 50 countries and 20 million students take part. But reaching the  nal is all the more amazing as the team – set up in September– have had to beat colleges which have their own racetracks. And the braking system is made of used co ee stirrers and ga er tape!“We were a bit nervous asJosh Scho eld (left) and Matthew Watson are off to Kuala Lumpur to race their F1 car against the rest of the worldwe hadn’t actually tested our car,” admitted Josh with some understatement. “Kingston College does have a wind tunnel, but we’re all engineering students so we’ve also had support from our sponsoring companies.” e futuristic model racing car is a team e ort, with the six students performing di erent design, construction, marketing and promotion roles, mirroring real F1 out ts and sticking rigorously to a walloping 80-regulation rulebook. e two Surbiton 19-year- olds, who went to the same school in Kent before linking up again at college, now have to raise the £25,000 to take part in the Malaysia  nal in September, staged to coincide with the Malaysian Grand Prix.Will it stay or will it go?Turn to page 3What now for the council’s controversial cash cow – sorry, barrier – at Surbiton Crescent? e promised six-month ‘study’ which began last September isup, but Kingston Council is now deciding whether or not to make the red-and-white ‘Checkpoint Charlie’ permanent.A council spokeswoman told the Good Life: “A tra c  ow study has been undertaken and we are currently assessing outcomes of the trial, along with feedback from the public, to consider with TfL if there is a case for making the trial closure permanent.”So far the road restriction has yielded more than £2million in  nes, with many of the motorists who have been caught using the previously free-to-drive-through stretch of road near Surbiton High School angry that while thereare clear No Entry signs at the Kingston end, there are less easily assimilated No Motor Vehicle signs at the Surbiton end.Drivers will have anothermonth or two to wait before a  rm decision is reached, during which time the council could pull in a further £500,000 in penalty tickets.“ e council expects to makea decision on the scheme in the summer,” added the spokeswoman.

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